Pasta with Red Sauce

There are endless possibilities when it comes to Italian pastas. This pasta recipe is both uncomplicated and worth eating with bread to sop up the extra sauce and a good red wine. Making a delicious pasta starts with selecting the shape of the noodle. Choosing has a lot to do with the sauce you are preparing and your mood. Spaghetti is a classic choice. Penne Rigate will catch and hold onto the sauce in its ridges and has a hefty satisfying bite. Orecchiette, pictured above, can capture little bits of the sauce inside the ear shaped cups. A red sauce … Continue reading Pasta with Red Sauce

Carbonara with Guanciale

Carbonara with Guanciale

I’ve been making carbonara for a while now. Ever since I saw the worst chef in the world making it on YouTube (he said it was like scrambled egg pasta) I’ve always wanted to make it the right way. Carbonara has roots in traditional Italian cuisine with the modern twist that the dish became popular and publicized as a Roman dish after WWII.  American troops brought the bacon and the eggs that make up the core of this dish. I’ve made a few modifications, however, that are well worth it.
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Summer Squash Pasta with Goat Cheese


I was running later than usual and told David I wanted to eat a simple pasta for dinner. I was thinking we might do a simple fresh tomato pasta of the kind that is best eaten during late summer when the tomatoes are perfect for barely cooking. Little did I know that he was going in an entirely different direction! Being extremely talented and knowledgable about seasonal cooking he came up with this pasta. Summer squash is really mild but has a great flavor if you just cook it with a few other ingredients to make it stand out. Caramelized onions are the base you build the rest of pasta on top of.

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