Sole Meunière


Sole meunière with Chard and Potatoes
Sole Meunière with Dino-kale and Potatoes

If anyone ever told you that French food relies primarily on butter this dish proves them right. Sole Meunière is a delicate fish cooked briefly in butter, lemon and toped with fresh parsley. You cook the fish so briefly, in fact, that you actually spend almost no time cooking at all. Sole is small enough that one entire filet will followed by another as soon as the first is quick devoured. The good thing is there really isn’t any reheating this dish, so you have an excuse to indulge.
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Summer Squash Pasta with Goat Cheese


I was running later than usual and told David I wanted to eat a simple pasta for dinner. I was thinking we might do a simple fresh tomato pasta of the kind that is best eaten during late summer when the tomatoes are perfect for barely cooking. Little did I know that he was going in an entirely different direction! Being extremely talented and knowledgable about seasonal cooking he came up with this pasta. Summer squash is really mild but has a great flavor if you just cook it with a few other ingredients to make it stand out. Caramelized onions are the base you build the rest of pasta on top of.

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