Grated Carrot Salad

Grated Carrot Salad


Eating a salad like this for an appetizer is going to be delicious and guarantee that your drink goes straight to your head. If you decide to have the salad with something substantial, like dinner, you won’t be disappointed by a salad that is simultaneously simple and refined. It also takes almost no time to put together and is pretty flexible when it comes to the dressing.

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Sole Meunière


Sole meunière with Chard and Potatoes
Sole Meunière with Dino-kale and Potatoes

If anyone ever told you that French food relies primarily on butter this dish proves them right. Sole Meunière is a delicate fish cooked briefly in butter, lemon and toped with fresh parsley. You cook the fish so briefly, in fact, that you actually spend almost no time cooking at all. Sole is small enough that one entire filet will followed by another as soon as the first is quick devoured. The good thing is there really isn’t any reheating this dish, so you have an excuse to indulge.
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New Design and MORE Posts

As it turns out law school and life can get a little hard to balance and run a food blog. Of course once you get used to something it becomes that much easier to bring back all those side projects you wished you had the time for before! So I’m relaunching the blog with a new design, more posts and possibly a non-wordpress domain name. I’ve already made some changes and am very happy with the outcome so far. Here’s to an exciting rest of 2014! Continue reading New Design and MORE Posts