Bacon Wrapped Dates

Wrapping dates in bacon is only the beginning. Pair these sweet and umami treats with marcona almonds or a funky blue cheese.

Bacon wrapped dates may be a cliche worth making if only for making something both simple and classic for a cocktail party spread. Sweet, salty, savory. There’s a lot to praise and for an admittedly non-vegetarian option it will go a long way towards covering your bases. Or make it for yourself and don’t worry about quantities because it’s completely up to you how much you make.

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Salad Lyonnaise

Salad Lyonnaise


I’ll start by saying this recipe is not traditional and is more loosely inspired by the classic Salad Lyonnaise than the “real” thing. Ok! Disclaimer aside this is one of the best salads I’ve had and it makes a perfect first course or appetizer. There is nothing like a salad with bacon, egg and crunchy croutons to make you rethink merely calling it a “salad.”

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Carbonara with Guanciale

Carbonara with Guanciale

I’ve been making carbonara for a while now. Ever since I saw the worst chef in the world making it on YouTube (he said it was like scrambled egg pasta) I’ve always wanted to make it the right way. Carbonara has roots in traditional Italian cuisine with the modern twist that the dish became popular and publicized as a Roman dish after WWII.  American troops brought the bacon and the eggs that make up the core of this dish. I’ve made a few modifications, however, that are well worth it.
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Blanched Brussels Sprouts with Bacon


I never thought I would be writing another Brussels Sprouts post so soon! I have to credit David for making these for me and Viet World Kitchen where he originally got the idea. The idea of adding bacon is obvious, but the trick that makes this absolutely amazing is the addition of a tiny amount of fish sauce. The slight sweetness of the Brussels Sprouts is enhanced by the salt in the fish sauce and the bacon’s savory umami flavor is enhanced by the natural glutamate of the fish. It comes out richly savory with a balanced sweetness that doesn’t taste fishy at all.

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