Katsudon (カツ丼)


Japanese food can be divided into “yo-shoku” and “wa-shoku.” Yoshoku commonly refers to food with a western influence while washoku is considered 100% Japanese. カツ丼 or katsudon is in the first category. A western pork chop, breaded and pan seared, served over rice with a sauce that combines classic Japanese pantry items with a western white onion.

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Brussels Sprouts with Soy-Vinegar Glaze

When I started out to write this blog, my boyfriend warned me that naming my recipe “best Brussels sprouts evah” would not be a good idea. Not that I was going to! Even so, these are delicious and provide a nice alternative to simply drowning them in butter, which I admit is totally an option. I’m no Paula “Sweet Tea” Deen, but I do appreciate what a nice glob of butter can do for a dish. Call it my French influence via Julia Child. The “why” of this dish is that soy sauce brings out savory flavors really well. Soy … Continue reading Brussels Sprouts with Soy-Vinegar Glaze