Classic Manhattan

Knowing how to make classic cocktails is about learning a few, simple, recipes that taste complex enough to appeal to sophisticated drinkers. This classic Manhattan only requires whiskey, sweet red vermouth, and Angostura bitters. As with most things this simple its worth getting high quality on all three for the best possible experience. You can either mix cocktails on demand or pre-batch them. Pre-batching is preferable, if you have freezer space, for a superior, ice cold, cocktail. If you lack the time, or the freezer space, you will just need to stir the cocktail with ice until the drink is … Continue reading Classic Manhattan

Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour


A whiskey sour, like any Sour, is one of the sweeter cocktails I drink. More like a sweet-and-sour cocktail with a preference for the sugar. The first thing I will say about making this drink is that it really teaches you what should go into the do-it-yourself version of drinks most people make using mixers. Mixers are often strangely flat, sweet without a satisfying sour punch to balance everything out.

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Sour Cocktail Cherries


Whenever I visit Seattle with David there’s always lots of drinking. We like to visit all of our favorite bars that we would visit when we lived there and make sure that they are still good.  But it’s also a good excuse to escape the stress of family commitments.

Last time I visited Seattle, all of my favorite cocktail bars were using these super fancy cocktail cherries in all of their drinks. I asked the bartender at Skillet, a retro style diner, what kind of cherries they were using. He said that their cherries were $300 a jar (although I’m pretty sure that was some kind of barrel that wouldn’t fit into my fridge!). They were dark purple and completely delicious in the rosemary infused cocktail I had that night.

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French 75 with a Twist


My birthday is in June and I have just gotten around to writing a little about my amazing dinner that David cooked for me. We had two thin crust pizzas and some perfectly delightful Italian red. We also had several French 75’s. If I had to pick a favorite Sparkling Wine cocktail this would be it.

Something I realized recently is that the fewer the ingredients in a cocktail the greater the reward for using higher quality ingredients. With that in mind, especially since a French 75 is mostly sparkling wine, I suggest buying a wine you would enjoy drinking by itself and same goes for the gin.

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Gin and Tonic


I’ll admit that for a long time gin and tonics were a strange thing my parents liked to drink when we were on vacation. They never drank them at home and I started out drinking far more fruity and sadly unbalanced drinks with lots of pineapple rum in college. Luckily my boyfriend David, who loves a good classic martini, has turned me on to the wonders of Beefeaters, Hendricks, and Tanqueray.
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