Martini with a twist


David’s favorite cocktail is probably this martini. Unlike the absolute classic version with an olive, this martini is simple with a straightforward lemon twist (which is deceptively difficult to make)!

First we need need to talk a little martini history. The original martini was probably full of white dry vermouth. Vermouth of course comes in a white and red variety which is dry and sweet respectively. As we get closer to today, martinis become a lot more dry with some featuring al ost no vermouth at all. If you really hate vermouth you can use an atomizer (and spend a lot on it) or you can stick to a more balanced recipe that is still very dry.

Now, despite the James Bond fantasy, a shaken cocktail is weaker than a stirred version. Stirring produces a clear drink, never cloudy, with just the right chill and not watered down. You will know you’ve done it right if there are little ice crystals on top of your drink when you pour it.

To make your martini perfect be sure to chill your glasses beforehand. You can put them into the freezer…but if you knock them over it won’t be pretty. It’s safer and easier to add an ice cube and fill each glass with water a bit before making your cocktails instead. You get a nice chill, frosty glass every time. Just pour it out right before you strain the cocktail into it.

You need (for each cocktail):

2 jiggers gin (good gin – here’s to you Ina!)
1 capful dry white vermouth
1 2″ lemon twist (organic or unsprayed lemon)

Pour your gin and vermouth into a tall shaker or pitcher, add in 3 or 4 large ice cubes and stir with a long spoon or the blunt end of a chopstick. Stir for a good 20 some seconds until the mixture is ice cold. Strain into your chilled glass.

Now for the twist. Take a vegetable peeler and, holding the lemon over the drink, run the peeler from the top to the bottom of the lemon slowly applying slight pressure to create one long and very thin slice of lemon peel. Let it fall into the cocktail. The perfect twist has all of the yellow and none of the bitter white of the lemon.

Enjoy, and remember that martinis are like breasts…one is too few and three is too many. Well maybe three if you plan on ending up under the table…or host 😉 Feel free to adjust the proportions, we find these perfect, but more or less dry, with an atomizer, or with a olive instead…it’s your martini 🙂


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