French 75 with a Twist


My birthday is in June and I have just gotten around to writing a little about my amazing dinner that David cooked for me. We had two thin crust pizzas and some perfectly delightful Italian red. We also had several French 75’s. If I had to pick a favorite Sparkling Wine cocktail this would be it.

Something I realized recently is that the fewer the ingredients in a cocktail the greater the reward for using higher quality ingredients. With that in mind, especially since a French 75 is mostly sparkling wine, I suggest buying a wine you would enjoy drinking by itself and same goes for the gin.

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Katsudon (カツ丼)


Japanese food can be divided into “yo-shoku” and “wa-shoku.” Yoshoku commonly refers to food with a western influence while washoku is considered 100% Japanese. カツ丼 or katsudon is in the first category. A western pork chop, breaded and pan seared, served over rice with a sauce that combines classic Japanese pantry items with a western white onion.

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