Blanched Brussels Sprouts with Bacon


I never thought I would be writing another Brussels Sprouts post so soon! I have to credit David for making these for me and Viet World Kitchen where he originally got the idea. The idea of adding bacon is obvious, but the trick that makes this absolutely amazing is the addition of a tiny amount of fish sauce. The slight sweetness of the Brussels Sprouts is enhanced by the salt in the fish sauce and the bacon’s savory umami flavor is enhanced by the natural glutamate of the fish. It comes out richly savory with a balanced sweetness that doesn’t taste fishy at all.

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Gin and Tonic


I’ll admit that for a long time gin and tonics were a strange thing my parents liked to drink when we were on vacation. They never drank them at home and I started out drinking far more fruity and sadly unbalanced drinks with lots of pineapple rum in college. Luckily my boyfriend David, who loves a good classic martini, has turned me on to the wonders of Beefeaters, Hendricks, and Tanqueray.
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