All the noms

On a bit of a whim I decided to start a food blog. As the name suggests this is not about any one cuisine or kind of food. If anything gives an indication of the kind of content I will produce it will be a bit of background on myself.

I am familiar with a smattering of Italian, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and “American” foods. This started as a child, raised by a stay at home mother who cooked what could be called “French-American” for dinner every night. In the summer, for a number of years, we would do a “home exchange” between our home in the Pacific Northwest and usually some country in Europe. Staying in another family’s house allowed the extended time frames, sometimes five or six weeks, necessary to experience local foods and, it being Europe, wine. I came to like wine…so expect it!

Later I became a drinker of tea, thanks to an NGO related trip to Turkey, and coffee thanks to peer pressure of the best kind (being originally from Seattle the coffee capital). I also have dabbled in cocktails and promise to restrain any Sandra Lee-esq obsession, at least where questionable concoctions are concerned.

With all that said, yet not too much, I will slowly get started on the project of exploring the wide culinary world. Pictures and the like will follow as I make sure to take original photos for the blog.


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