14 Hands Red Blend

I grew up surrounded by wine. My parents were a major factor in making sure that any time we were in a country that allowed me to drink we would be sharing a bottle of wine. Back then the wines were French, Italian, German; the classic places that have been taken down a step by the huge variety of new wines being made all over the world. I’m from Washington, a “remote” western state that, thanks to global warming, has become a recent hotspot for wine on the coat tails of California. Our vineyards produce wines that are now becoming … Continue reading 14 Hands Red Blend

Cinnamon Rolls (Kanelbullar)

I learned about this recipe from my boyfriend, who comes from a Swedish and German heritage. This recipe is from the Swedish side, he makes it for me on St. Lucia day, a holiday commemorating St. Lucia saving a village from starvation and it is the first day of Christmas in Sweden. My boyfriend tells me that in Sweden it is traditional to eat saffron buns instead of cinnamon buns on St. Lucia day, shaped into fanciful rolls that resemble cats paws and are therefore called Lucy’s Cats (Lussekatter). His father, however, was never fond of saffron buns, and instead … Continue reading Cinnamon Rolls (Kanelbullar)

Fried Rice

I grew up eating rice because, for whatever reason, my mother loved to make rice for my brother and I to eat for any meal. Of course the way she made it was more akin to having bread or potatoes to go with French style roast chicken and gravy. I didn’t start making rice to serve in Japanese or Chinese food until I had roommates in college who taught me so much where making rice is concerned. When you make fried rice you need old rice, maybe a week old rice is best. Usually you will also want to make … Continue reading Fried Rice

Brussels Sprouts with Soy-Vinegar Glaze

When I started out to write this blog, my boyfriend warned me that naming my recipe “best Brussels sprouts evah” would not be a good idea. Not that I was going to! Even so, these are delicious and provide a nice alternative to simply drowning them in butter, which I admit is totally an option. I’m no Paula “Sweet Tea” Deen, but I do appreciate what a nice glob of butter can do for a dish. Call it my French influence via Julia Child. The “why” of this dish is that soy sauce brings out savory flavors really well. Soy … Continue reading Brussels Sprouts with Soy-Vinegar Glaze